Welcome to iBODY Inspired Movement!

Your body will thank you.

At iBODY you’ll experience a complete transformation from what you thought fitness was and what you’ve done in the past to something fresh and inspirational. The movement modalities we teach are fun and engaging on many levels. At iBODY, you will love that hour (or more!) you give to yourself. It’s a place you’ll come to feel fit, nurtured, embodied and accepted.

Community is a driving force behind the vibe at iBODY.

In fact, our community of warm, friendly, welcoming people was a pivotal force behind iBODY’s creation. People are encouraged to connect between classes and get to know one other! We often celebrate together, both inside and outside the studio.

Our sleek, modern studio sports a custom sprung wood dance floor, state-of- the art sound system, ambient lighting, a refreshment station, and a hip retail shop featuring dancewear, fitness gear, and inspirational items you’re sure to love.

Love your body – experience iBODY today!

In addition to our regular class schedule, iBODY will host a variety of workshops in movement and mindfulness and will hold “Free Movement Fridays,” a rotating happy hour smorgasbord of various movement modalities on Friday evenings. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest on classes, workshops, Free Movement Fridays, and More!

Meet Our Instructors

It’s never about what it looks like—it’s about how you feel! iBODY offers movement classes taught by some of Denver’s foremost teachers in their disciplines.

We’re conveniently located just off I-25 at the Washington Street exit at 1177 South Pennsylvania.

We are easily accessible and have plenty of street parking!

Give us a call at 720.379.4978 or Contact Us