Conscious Dance

Connect more deeply with the rhythms of your body and life through the practice of conscious movement. When was the last time you danced yourself into a space of joy, gentleness, greater self-awareness, and deeper appreciation through the means of your own innate sense and style of movement?  Well, here’s an opportunity to begin or continue that journey! Conscious Dance invites you to delve into free movement within a container of lightly facilitated movement inquiry. Dance your unique dance and open up to greater inner knowing with the added support of great music and dance mates who are dancing that path with you. No previous experience is needed. All levels of movement are welcome and curiosity is encouraged!


Essentrics is an hour-long dynamic workout based on the theories of Miranda Esmonde-White that simultaneously lengthens and strengthens every muscle in the body, resulting in greater joint mobility and lean, long muscles. The techniques practiced in Essentrics rapidly and safely condition and rebalance the full body, leaving participants feeling energized and strong and healthy. With Essentrics get ready to: work every muscle of the body, improve your posture, increase metabolism, lose inches, unlock rigid muscles and tight joints, strengthen, stretch and tone, reduce pain and prevent injury.


iBODY Aware – Feldenkrais

Through gentle but powerful movements Feldenkrais develops your attention and your ability to sense your own movement in order to improve it. It is deeply relaxing and healing. It will lead to greater ease, ability and elegance in whatever you do. In class students lie comfortably on pads on the floor, sit or stand and follow verbal movement instructions that grow in complexity from the beginning of the lesson to the end. This work can be transformative at all ages and stages of life.



JourneyDance™ is a dynamic conscious dance form that combines freestyle and structured movement to inspire you to get out of your mind and into your body. The JourneyDance™ Flow leads participants on a ritual journey of physical and emotional transformation. Through breath, sweat, and expression, you gain a palpable experience of yourself as pure powerful energy.


Kundalini yoga uses movement, sound, mudra, breath, and meditation to regulate the glandular system and awaken the chakra system. Allow your spirit to move freely by learning how to relax, rejuvenate, and heal your body. Release yourself from back pain, stress, and low energy with distinctive movement and ultimately experience shifts in awareness. For all levels.


Nia is the art of movement the body’s way. Nia is a cardio-dance workout, a movement practice, and lifestyle based on the intelligent design of the body. There is a beautiful fusion of Dance, Martial Arts and Yoga. It’s all about what it feels like, not what it looks like. Nia is for every BODY and in Denver, Nia is at iBODY!


Qoya is based on a simple idea that through movement, we remember. We remember, as women, that our essence is wise, wild and free. Wise, wild and free also draw reference to the movement forms that we practice. Wise evokes the wisdom of yoga, wild the creative expression in dance and free invites us to expand our capacity for pleasure in the body. In Qoya, we focus less on how it looks and more on how it feels. There’s no beginner, intermediate or advanced levels because there’s just one level and that is when it feels good you’re doing it right. The intention of a Qoya class is to remember the physical sensation of truth in your body; an exploration into how a woman’s body wants to move. The actual class is done while having an amazing time dancing, sweating, stretching, yoga-ing and connecting to other women with some good tunes to help guide the journey along. Every class is different, and done to a soundtrack that takes you from the joy of Bollywood to ragas from India to the magic of Mali. From the beats of the Lower East Side, up to the heights of Heaven and back down to the dance floor of Soul Train.

Restorative Yin Yoga

A quiet yet profound and highly therapeutic style of yoga that is available to all students at all levels. This class slows down the fast-paced world we live in to find peace, harmony and balance. Restorative and yin yoga based postures, along with breath, are utilized to rejuvenate the body while calming the mind and replenishing the spirit. Various forms of meditation are combined with the postures to provide a healing and revitalizing experience. Find calm in the storm, and create wholeness in your life.

SOMA Movement Journey

SOMA movement journeys are an organic blend of guided and explorative movement, devoted to returning us to the majesty of our embodied nature. Traversing moments that are raucous, silly, sacred and serene, this is a chance to (re)awaken the entire gamut of your somatic & archetypal self. These sessions are unique to the moment and the movers in the room, with enough guidance to spur you on and enough simplicity and space to allow for freedom & diversity in expression.


*To create a pleasant studio experience for all, please avoid wearing chemical perfumes, scented lotions or any other fragrances to the studio.
Such products may cause health effects when present in a closed-circulation room in which exercise is taking place. Thank you for your consideration.