I love to dance! It is a deep passion of mine that is almost as much of a part of myself as breathing. I love how I feel when I’m lost in movement…it truly is medicine for my soul. I offer a class called Conscious Dance. The intention of my offering is to invite participants to play in conscious movement. We’re getting out of the mind and into our bodies. We are allowing our impulses, feelings, senses, and sensations to inspire our movements.
I have been fascinated by the human experience and how we live in our bodies for as long as I can remember. This fascination has been the catalyst for many of my major life decisions including choosing courses of study in college, job choices and career paths, and even extracurricular activities. I believe that there is a deep connection between how we feel and move in our bodies and how we feel and move in our lives.
My movement experience includes ballet, Swing Choir (singing and dancing), aerobics, African dance, belly dancing, tango, Nia, Soul Motion, and Body Mantra. These movement forms, coupled with my 20 years of experience as a massage therapist and 8 years of experience as a breath coach, have helped me to develop a solid life practice of noticing how I live in my body and move through my life with a little shot-o-grace and a healthy side of humor.