Sheri began dancing at the age of 6. Even though a series of injuries kept her off the dance floor during certain periods of her life, she was determined not to lead a sedentary life. Early in her life, she ventured into hiking, biking, skiing, rock climbing, swimming and ballet. She eventually found her way into yoga and yoga teacher certification and then TaijiFit.Sheri has an artificial knee, 2 neck fusions, and dozens of healed broken bones; however, the practice of TaijiFit keeps her moving as well as harmonizes her body and mind. As a hospital pharmacist, Sheri realizes the importance of movement, emotions, attitude and spirit in the healing process. Each time she steps in to the flow of TaijiFit, she begins to feel the aliveness of the chi within. For Sheri, the practice of TaijiFit is a mind/body meditation that helps her remain in the present moment. She brings to her classes the essence of this mind/body connection and enjoys guiding students to a state of balance and harmony.