I.A.M. Inspired Awesome Me!

Nia Teacher’s Support Experience
With Loretta Milo & Dana Hood

Saturday July 8 | 1:30 – 3:30 pm

This 2 hour workshop for Nia Teachers of all levels who are seeking support and mentoring on their teaching path. If you’ve never taught, we can help launch your teaching. If you’ve taught for 10 years and are seeking mastery at a new level, we can help. All levels and skill set’s welcome!

Show up ready to play, learn and shine! Our desire is to create a Nia community environment for teachers at all points on the path in reaching their highest potential. This playshop will happen every month!

Shamanic Full Moon Cacao Ceremony Celebration

July 9, 2017 |3:30-5:30pm

July’s Capricorn full moon is as intense as it gets. Alana will guide you in a journey in honoring and directing these powerful energies with the sacred medicine of the raw Cacao, dance, sound healing and Kundalini meditation.
Cacao is gentle way to have an experience of awakening and revelation. Cacao plant is extremely heart opening, inspires creativity, increases blood flow to heart, brain and skin and elicits feelings of expansion. It is known as the food of the gods from the Mayan tradition. Cacao is the most Magnesium rich food on the planet and in perfect ratio of Mag/Cal when in raw form. We will combine the sacred chocolate elixir w/ ceremony and ritual to call in the astral support that is needed to sore with abundance during this potent moon cycle.

Join Alana upon her return to Denver for a fun, inspiring and joyful celebration!


Nia Routine SACRED Master Class with Kelle Rae Oien

July 13, 2017 |6:30-7:30pm

Experience the powerful Nia Routine SACRED with it’s creator, Kelle Rae Oien – Nia Trainer from Santa Fe!

The focus of Sacred is the Bones. The intent is to drop in under our skin to experience our 207 bones in order to relax. The sacral and cranial bones will be our featured guideposts, as they are the endpoints of our spine. The cranium has 8 movable bones. The only bone that can be voluntarily moved in the cranium is the jawbone. For this reason, emphasis is given to relax and drop the jawbone to effectively encourage mobility up and down the spine and into the sacrum.

$20 Early $25 Day Of