52 Moves – A Matrix Experience

October 13 |2:00-5:30pm

Join Lola Manekin on a sensorial heightened 52 moves experience. This experiential playshop is an invitation for us to sink deep and listen to the intelligence of our foundation – THE BODY.

As we slow each move WAY down, we can sense the connection of bones, muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and tissues, and how they move together to integrate and create systemic movement.  Come experience yourself in a 4 Dimensional way with the ability or perceiving (consciousness) and feeling (sensation).

Please wear comfortable clothing

Investment: $50


FloorPlay Mobility Workshop

October 14 |2:00-4:30pm

What can happen when the floor becomes your dance partner?! In this workshop we will explore many different concepts on moving in relationship to the ground, playing with gravity and discovering how to create a fluid series of movements keeping seamless continuity as one of the main points of focus. This workshop will offer great tools for yoga and Nia teachers to keep bringing tons of creativity in their sequences! Bring knee pads and wear comfortable clothes that can cover as much of your body as possible.

Please wear comfortable clothing

Investment: $40