Live Music Nia Jam With Lis Addison

October 4, 2019 | 6:30 -7:30pm
Join the iBODY Community for a Nia Jam to the routine SOURCE with live accompaniment by Lis Addison, the artist of all the tracks! Sing along with Lis and dance along with many Colorado Nia Teachers and dance friends.


$20 early $25 door

(Proceeds go to the local Nia Community Fund and Lis’ non profit The Singing Tree Institute


KIVO With Lis Addison

October 5, 2019 | 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Join Composer, Vocalist, Sound & Somatic Healer Lis Addison for an afternoon of chant combined with dance. Her signature practice, Kinetic Voice (KiVo) supports you in using your voice as a tranformational tool and draws upon Yogic and In-digenous wisdom as well as new research on the healing power of sound and em-bodiment. In this 2-hour workshop you will learn to use your voice as:

• A powerful vibrational force to clear stuck energy, tension, emotional knots and patterns
• A fun way to play with others and build community
• A pathway to voicing your vision, value and wisdom
• An integral part of your movement, music and spiritual practice

This course is about expressing the Divine voice that manifests through us and using vocal vibra-tion and movement to clear the physical and energy bodies to radiate the Light. KiVo is a cere-mony in which we raise our voices TOGETHER to honor and celebrate life. It is a fun way to build social cohesion through the sharing and playfulness of the voice and body, our sacred in-struments. There is no judgement in the KiVo Circle. Everyone is encouraged to work together and contribute to the overall well-being of the community as we strengthen our voices and our


“As the individual voice is empowered, so is the global community.” Lis Addison

“I’m no longer holding back. My voice is flowing out and I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid of who I am or what I am talking about, and am letting emotions out with my voice.” E. Zorn

“All the work we did had me in such a state of openness, tears ran down my face as I worked through blockages and stagnant energy.” T. Al-Khudhairi


Gong Bath Sound Healing Experience

Gongs, Bowls & Crystals

Saturday December 21, 2019 | 6:30-8:30 pm

Experience the transformational tones and healing power of Himalayan bowls, Gem Stone Crystal Bowls, planetary gongs harmonically tuned to resonate with the cosmic cycles, and didgeridoos all vibrating together in a cosmic harmony.

Join Gary Fishman as he leads you on a shamanic sound journey blending together the healing power of Crystal Gem Stone Singing bowls, Himalayan bowls, planetary gongs, and didgeridoos. These vibrations have the energy to cleanse outdated thought forms and will heighten your vibrational level and open the door for new spiritual growth.

Feel Free to bring mats, blankets, pillows and anything to lie comfortably in.

Please respect this is a fragrance-free studio and a fragrance-free experience and refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes, scented lotions, etc.  

Doors open by 6:30 and sound healing begins at 7 pm.