Christy Cutler is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais TeacherĀ®. After 25 years of teaching creative dance to children here in Denver she decided to spend four years being trained to teach the Feldenkrais Method. Christy has benefited from a Feldenkrais practice since 1998, finding ease and pain relief for her own back injuries, and has been a teacher in the method since 2011.

“I always found myself asking the question – how do I know I am doing a movement well? Feldenkrais taught me about exactly this kind of awareness; it is a somatic method based on sensing the body from within in order to know what you are doing. It has improved my own movement and resonates deeply with all my experience dancing, skiing, and sailing. Awareness begins by listening carefully to your own body, your own embodied wisdom. It is a path to doing what you want with ease and grace.”