2024 Soul Fire Retreat with Dana Hood & Lola Manekin

MAR DE JADE – CHACALA MEXICO! March 23 – 30th 2024

Ignite. Indulge. Inspire

Join the dynamic duo Lola Manekin and Dana Hood, for an unforgettable 7 day retreat to Mexico’s Fabulous Wellness Resort resort, Mar de Jade, where the jungle meets the sea.

Come prepared to be inspired and nourished by somatic practices, playful exploration and heart connection in the deep container of community.

Immerse in-

Body Alchemista Dance
FloorPlay Mobility
Breathwork Journeys

Step into the unknown and discover the place of infinite possibility & potential.
Follow your intuition, guided by pleasure. Cultivate connection to your inner wisdom.
Find your voice, speak your truth. Express & celebrate your authentic self!

“A spark
of every fire we seek
is already within us.”

Kamand Kojouri

iBODY Mar De Jade Movement Retreat

 MAR DE JADE – CHACALA MEXICO! November 9th – November 16th 2024

More info coming soon- email [email protected] to get on the registration information email!



This retreat is an invitation to dive deep into the medicine of Somatic Movement in a healing and beautiful location.  Experience Nia, Yoga, Breathwork, Feldenkrais,  Meditation, Relaxation, Connection, Play, Expansion and JOY-FULL Expression. Mar De Jade’s beautiful natural surroundings and serene atmosphere makes for a magical experience. It is situated at the foothills of a tropical jungle, between the mountains and the warm shores of the pacific ocean. You will hear birds each morning and the ocean waves throughout the day.

“Mar de Jade is one of the great undiscovered pleasures of Mexico… A tropical setting that lifts the spirits and fires the imagination.”

– San Francisco Chronicle