Drumming Weekend at iBODY Inspired Movement

We are honored and thrilled to host Richard Noel for a joyful, powerful and fun weekend at iBODY! We have several opportunities below for you to experience this force of a human doing what he does best: bringing transformation sprinkled with play and JOY to the world! In addition to all of these events, he will also be accompanying the Saturday 4/20 10:30am Nia class with live drumming!


Spiritual Drumming

Friday 4/19  6:30pm & Saturday 4/20 5:30pm

Join Richard for these awe-inspiring 75 minute drumming events that transcends the ordinary! Experience a harmonious blend of rhythmic beats, spiritual healing, and transformative energy that we, as a group, create. Play in and create beats and vibrations, along with powerful messages, that become a vessel through which it is possible to release emotional blockages, connect with our inner selves, and tap into the collective consciousness, sensing unity and oneness.


Spiritual Drumming Friday 6:30pm


Spiritual Drumming Saturday 5:30pm

Creating Joy & Harmony Playshop

Sunday 4/21 12:00 – 1:30pm

Join Richard Noel in this fun and impactful 90 minute workshop based on his book, CREATING JOY AND HARMONY and receive a copy with your participation! Engage in joyful interactive self-expression modalities using a unique combination of powerful speaking, expressive movement, breath work and self-empowering, rhythmic techniques invoking creativity, all while being present and mindful as you pursue happiness harmoniously. Richard emphasizes the importance of self-care, mindfulness, and gratitude, providing practical tips and techniques to incorporate these practices into everyday life.



W.H.Y. – What Holds You?

Private Session With Richard 4/19 – 4/21

Work one on one with Richard Noel to identify what holds you in a state that does not serve you or bring you joy. Release the hold button on your consciousness and regain the urgency to mentally move forward. Learn to rhythmically dispel mental clutter, and emotional and psychic blockages of the subconscious mind by dispelling negative thoughts. Repetitiously supplant mental equivalents by revitalizing your true feeling state.  Richard offers a variety of tools that include breath work, and tonal meditation in conjunction with the BioAcoustic mat, which allows you to relax, and release tension negative thoughts will transport you on a Journey deep within yourself, you are going to experience various healing tones that will help you to relax bringing forth a shift in your consciousness.

$149 for 60 minutes

prior to registering, email [email protected] for appointment availability


Richard Noel

Richard Noel, former engineer, is now a published author, producer, professional musician, and facilitator of workshops for large groups, as well as private individual sessions that focus on sound therapy. His objective in leading these workshops is to facilitate team building and professional development. He also offers private sessions for people to release negative emotional distress. 

He has spent the last 21 years of his life using percussion as a positive modality to influence people by delivering a rhythmic experience they will never forget. He encourages community reconciliation through annual events such as “Drum up for Peace,” in collaboration with “International Day of Peace.” 

His heartfelt dedication to his practice inspires his keen intuition as he applies rhythmic tones, vibrational frequencies, and incantation techniques to guide individuals along a healing journey and reconnect with their authentic selves.