Vital Support is for you, for your comfort, wholeness, connectedness, and joy!

This knowledge will:

· Build strength and mobility

· Improve balance

· Free the breath

· Increase bladder control

· Enhance sexual function



Past participants have raved about this experience! 

I absolutely loved this series. I’ve never gotten the kind of thorough, detailed, holistic instruction like Christy provides. The final session where we incorporated our eyes blew my mind.

I really enjoyed the Vital Support workshop and feel I got a lot out of it. Thank you, Christy, for making recordings available when we couldn’t make it to class. I don’t think there’s anyone that could be a better facilitator than you-you did a great job!

The workshop was transformative in helping me strengthen bladder control and the positive effects have lasted over a year. Christy’s relaxing manner and sense of humor made the sessions both fun and social while allowing for introspection and inner focus.

Christy’s classes are professional, yet silly and fun; her instructions are succinct yet descriptive; and I am always in awe of how she can so specifically guide my movements while still allowing me to feel like everything is within my command or was my idea to begin with! In my humble opinion, she is one of Denver’s best kept movement secrets.

Lessons will be done primarily lying down, but we will do some explorations in standing, and we may do a lesson seated on a chair. Once you have registered we will let you know what you need to prepare to bring to class or have available at home.